Aides Aegypti Inspector, BVI

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Main responsibilities include:

Conducts premises by premises inspection for mosquito breeding.

Records accurately and conscientiously all relevant data related to inspections on the Daily Work Sheet.

Treats Actual and Potential mosquito breeding sites; Eliminates or removes breeding sites where practical to do so.

Performs basic data collation and calculation of relevant mosquito Indices and submit the Daily Work Sheets to the Supervisor at the end of the workday.

Communicates to and educate householders and others on reduction of mosquito breeding on premises as an approach to integrated vector control.

Collects for identification mosquito specimens as required or instructed to by the supervisor.

Conducts re-inspections, revisits and special surveys as needed or directed by the supervisor.

Conducts fogging of communities during time of high mosquito infestation under the direction of the programme manager.

Ensures, all tools, equipment and machinery are maintained in good working condition.

Prepares and submit daily reports on work activities undertaken; submits at the end of each week a summary of work accomplished including all Closed or unattended Premises not inspected.

Reports to direct supervisor any premises existing in a state of unsanitary condition that encourages the harborage of vectors (mosquito or rodent) or poses a health threat due to other unhealthy conditions/practices.


Secondary school leaving certificate with passes in English, Math and General Science. A good command of English is essential and having the ability to communicate in Spanish would be a great asset.

Basic knowledge and understanding of social, economic, cultural and environmental issues

Ability to grasp and follow procedures.

Aptitude to collect, collates, analyze and interpret data.

Basic computer skills

Good communication (written and verbal) skills for reporting

Good interpersonal skills with the ability to (a) work well with people, (b) understand and describe situations, (c) solve problems (d) be self-confident, assertive but tactful in gaining the interest and cooperation of members of the public, (e) be respectable and have high self-esteem


Entry level $19,440 – $21,852 annually, Grade 4 commensurate with qualifications and experience.

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Environmental Health Trainee, BVI

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Main responsibilities include:

Carries out food establishment inspections under the supervision of Environmental Health officer.

Conducts lectures on Food Hygiene at Food Handlers Clinic.

Caries out Vector Surveillance under supervision of the Environmental Health Officer (Vector Control).

Assists in the investigation of Nuisance Complaints.

Assists with clerical duties e.g. filing and input of data in computer


4 CXC, subjects including English, Math, Human Biology & Chemistry, or Equivalent

Willingness to learn

Must be computer literate

Good interpersonal skills

Good knowledge of science


Entry level $18,367 – $20,643 annually, Grade 3 commensurate with qualifications and experience.

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Health Disaster Coordinator, BVI

 The Government of the Virgin Islands invites qualified and professional applicants to apply for the post of Health Disaster Coordinator, Ministry of Health and Social Development.

Main responsibilities include:

v Develops and implements the Ministry’s Health Disaster Programme Manager.

v Ensures the promotion, education, coordination and integration of all health disaster related matters into the national health programme.

v Prepares and presents to the Director of Health Services, an annual programme plan with relevant budget for disaster management activities.

v Exercises responsibility for implementation and updating of Disaster Response Plans – including Mass Casualty Management, Chemical Emergencies, Hospital and Health Centre Disaster Plans, etc – involving both public and private sectors. These plans should be tested and updated at least every two years.

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Fireman, BVI

 The Government of the Virgin Islands invites qualified and professional applicants to apply for the post of Fireman, Fire & Rescue Services Department.

Main responsibilities include:

v Serves in the prevention of fire and other related emergencies in accordance with Brigade Promulgations.

v Participates in operational appliance and equipment drills and risk inspections.

v Conducts standard tests on all equipment in accordance with detailed instructions of Brigade Promulgation.

v Conducts hydrant and water site inspections.

v Performs squad-drill and maintenance duty.

v Participates in all on-the-job training and development activities.

v Performs Watch Room duties, answers calls and deals with the public.

v Establishes and maintains Public Relations within the Station area.

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Environmental Health Officer – BVI

 The Government of the Virgin Islands invites qualified and professional applicants to apply for the post of Environmental Health Officer (Water Quality & Institutional Hygiene), Environmental Health.

Main responsibilities include:

v Inspects all day cares, schools, prisons, hospitals and geriatric homes to assess sanitary standards.

v Inspects and conducts sanitary of municipal water supply and water bottling plants.

v Collects water samples from all drinking water supplies, both public and private for analysis in accordance with the Division’s policy.

v Provides technical advice to operators, employees and owners of private water supplies, institutions and water plants.

v Conducts residual chlorine test on all chlorinated drinking water supplies

v Carries out treatment of contaminated drinking water supplies.

v Investigates public health nuisance complaints and seeks enforcement of relevant Public Health Regulations.

v Maintains record, investigates reported cases of water borne illness, generates quarterly and special reports.

v Advises and educates the general public on issues related to water quality monitoring and institutional hygiene.

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